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Artists in Residence at 300 Ashland

Artists in Residence at 300 Ashland

Artists In Residence at 300 Ashland

For NYC building developer Two Trees' newest residential building in Brooklyn, we had an idea outside of their traditional advertising: what if we created an Artists in Residence program and gave away free luxury apartments to social media influencers, in exchange for them simply living their lives as they do on social media, but with our building as the backdrop to their lives?

We launched the program with Tavi Gevinson ("Rookie" magazine founder, teen fashion icon, Broadway star, etc.), and it immediately received a LOT of press. Some of it was controversial. ("A bold new direction for #sponcon" was probably my favorite summation.) With a zillion similarly branded high-rises popping up in Brooklyn, this definitely made 300 Ashland stand out on social media.

Role: Sr. Copywriter, campaign concept + production